My Letter to Mr. Barack Obama

Congratulation Mr. Obama! You win the election. I’m Indonesian people, not American people. The important thing that I support you in the battle ground via internet just only for winning what you told to us, to maintain your country with your tight strategy. Making a good regulation. Including how to maintain your stock market so the market will do anything with clear rule to follow your regulation. Not like liberalism mindset as what ‘the CIO’ want to do, so it will just only increase revenue of CIO in WallStreet, and make my people in my country suffer, and soon your people in your country will suffer too. Hopefully you keep your promises. So the Fed not do like they had done before. Increase the rate of interest when many countries in asia suffer on economic crisis. The impact have felt by the people on your country by now. About your security concern. I told you that I’m moslem. My country is any place that Islam is being there. So I call any people who believe that Islam is their religion as my brother. I hope Alloh give me a brave to fight any other people who disturb my brother. Including via economic war, absolutly of course! I think someday, my people will fight with your people. But if that condition is hapenned, please.. do a good fight. Making your war and my war as a ‘white war’. Don’t kill our children and women. Don’t destroy our civilitation. My people will do the same to your people.. someday, hopefully it is happened. Because women and children are not the good soldiers. If they have to fight, joining the battle, it cause there is nothing they can do, nothing they can hope, so the death is being what they want. We love enemies who fight like a knight. So we are a knight too. Hopefully you work hard, making your country prosperously. We will work hard too, making a good civilitation. Lakum dinukum waliyadin!


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