Start Learning English in The Easy Way.. Blogging!

I realize that my english is not fluent. Not like my other cousin who works in multinational companies. But what makes me enthusiast is I want to reach my doctoral program. One of requirement that I knew to get sponsorship program (so I will reach my doctoral program) is ability mastering other language. Especially English. I don’t know about what other person’s condition. But I feel my job prosecutes me with many tasks to do. Sometimes it makes me feel that I cannot focus to learn English.

Suddenly I remember that I have hobbies. One of my hobbies is blogging. If I cannot focus to learn English well, so I must force myself to learn English in the easy way. Blogging!

I hope it will work. Although situation doesn’t support me well. (I am writing this article when I had a meeting). Allohu Akbar!!!

Btw, I just know that if I use multi-language wordpress to write article, Google won’t index it. Like this article. If you use multi-language wordpress, you should install new plugin for translate your article. You also can make a new link to your new wordpress that uses other language.

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